I am a freelance front-end developer based in The Hague, NL. I studied graphic design at the KABK where in pursuit of my obsession with generative design fell down a rabbit hole and found myself in the world of software development. Since then I have had the privilege to work with amazing folks at Lust and RNDR. Currently I spend most of my time working with friends at Dividat on a game platform and other software for physiotherapy.

I like to build software that is correct by construction, easy to refactor and Just Works™. To that end, I prefer to use tools such as Elm, nix and sometimes Haskell, but I’m also not afraid of sometimes getting my hands dirty with JavaScript.

Once in a while I put my designer hat on and craft delightful user interfaces. My approach to design is systematic and I pay close attention to accessibility and typographic detail.

In my free time I cultivate meditation practices such as samadhi and metta or sometimes just sitting.

I’m a fan of weird electronic and dance music.


  • 2020

    GlyphCollector is a desktop application for typeface revival projects both as a production and research tool. It uses template matching to collect instances of glyphs from scanned documents based on user provided samples. The user interface of GlyhCollector was designed by Dóra Kerekes and Noémi Biró. The application is used as a research tool by students at the Type & Media MA program at The Royal Academy of Art, as well as the Plantin Institute of Typography in Antwerp. The project was made possible by the generous support of the Creative Industries Fund NL.

    Elm, Haskell, Electron
  • 2016 - Ongoing

    THESIS is a record label releasing experimental and electronic music. This project has been an ongoing collaboration with Gregory Euclide since 2016.

    Elm, TypeScript, Node JS, GraphQL
  • 2017

    The digital counterpart of the book Under Pressure: Water and the City by Arjan van Timmeren and Laurence Henriquez. The site serves as an interactive introduction to the topics explored in the book. It maps important locations pertaining to excerpts from the book, that were annotated with geo-locations and categories of topics. The bulk of the project was the development of custom tooling and a content management system, that allowed the authors to annotate parts of the text with relevant geo-locations, topics and markers. The annotated text snippets constitute the content for the website. I co-designed the user interface together with Márton Kabai. The project was sponsored by Amsterdam Insitute for Advance Metropolitan Solutions and Delft University of Technology.

    React, MapboxGL, Node JS, Postgresql, Netlify

Projects @RNDR

Projects I've worked on at RNDR.

  • 2018

    25th Hour: Flow is a project by Audi in partnership with the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT), MobilityPartners and RNDR. Based on data obtained from a simulation conducted by KIT and MobilityPartners, 25th Hour visualizes the potential impact of autonomous cars, ride sharing and smart traffic management on the traffic of Ingolstadt, Germany.

    TypeScript, React, Mapbox, Kotlin, OPENRNDR
  • 2018

    A tool to generate a documentation site out of annotated Kotlin source code, developed for OPENRNDR. DokGen is designed to keep documentation up-to-date with API changes, and to provide graphic illustrations for the code snippets to visually demonstrate OPENRNDR functionality. Read more on Medium article or GitHub.

    Kotlin, Gradle
  • 2018

    Website for the creative coding framework OPENRNDR.

    React, TypeScript, react-static, Dato CMS, Netlify
  • 2018

    Website for the architecture studio of Ro Koster and Ad Kil.

    React, gatsby, Dato CMS, Netlify
  • 2017

    Farsi / English bilingual cultural magazine.

    MongoDB, NodeJS, Electron, React, docker


Skills Summary

Programming Languages

  • Elm
  • JavaScript/Typescript
  • Haskell
  • Kotlin


  • Elm
  • React / Redux
  • BEM (CSS)
  • WebGL
  • Custom Elements

DevOps skills

  • nix, NixOS
  • Docker


  • git
  • bash scripting
  • Design tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma

Work Experience

Freelance work

2016 March - Present

UI design and full stack development

  • Dividat

    UI design and software development for Dividat products using Elm, JavaScript, nix, a bit of OCaml, and Scala.

  • GlyphCollector

    A typographic research tool developed using Electron, Haskell and Elm.

  • thesisproject.us

    UI design and full stack development of an online records shop and content management system using Elm, TypeScript, React, Node, GraphQL.

  • underpressure.online

    Development of a content management system, a collaborative text annotation tool and the frontend for underpressure.online, using PostgresQL, NodeJS, React/Redux. UI design in collaboration with Márton Kabai.


2017 September - 2019 January

Web development, creative programming

  • Development of art installations
  • Frontend development (React)
  • Gave workshops and demos at JFuture and Google’s SPAN


2016 September - 2017 September

Web development, creative programming

  • Development of a webapp used in the workshops of the WTHX hackathon
  • Full stack development for pagesmagazine.net
  • Development of art installations using OPENRNDR
  • Server administration


2015 May - 2015 October


  • Design and programming of art installations
  • Learned Java and OOP


BA Graphic Design

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

2012 - 2016

  • Creative Programming
  • Data Visualization
  • Typography
  • Concept Development
  • UI / UX Design